Our Worship Service

The Value of Worship

  • Worship is central to the believer’s life and the Church’s work. In worship we approach God as he leads us into His presence through the Scriptures. In preaching, singing, and prayer, we receive God’s blessings through the Holy Spirit.

What Is Our Worship Like?

  • Our worship service is simple and usually lasts from 10:30 AM to noon. Afterwards we continue with fellowship and conversation, so please stay and visit if you can.
  • We read through the entire Bible in worship by reading  each week from both the Old and New Testaments.
  • We value preaching that faithfully and systematically unfolds the Word and applies it directly to hearers. This is sometimes called expository preaching
  • We sing from a metrical version of the Psalms, also called a Psalter. This may be new to you, but many of the tunes we use are familiar hymn tunes. As to being a new practice, singing Psalms has actually been the practice of the Church for a great part of its existence. Congregational singing of the Psalms was one of the great rediscoveries of the Reformation in the 16th century and was popular well into the 19th century. Today, Psalm singing continues as a vibrant worship practice in several Presbyterian and Reformed denominations and is enjoying a resurgence of interest among many churches that also sing hymns. Read more about Singing the Psalms
  • We practice the Lord’s Supper weekly. If you’re joining us when the Supper is being offered just let one of the elders know you wish to partake. We value the opportunity to commune with all God’s people who are members in good standing of an evangelical church.